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Would you like to let us know about something exciting you or a colleague has been up to? Maybe you earned a credential or spoke about group therapy at a conference or maybe a colleague published an article or did some volunteer work using their group therapy skills.

Spotlight on:Ryan Spencer, LMFT, CGP

Nominated for AGPA Board


Ryan was recently selected by the Nominating Committee of the board of the American Group Psychotherapy Association to be on the ballot for their Board election this November. This is both an honor recognizing his previous contributions on the board here at AGPS and as President of the Group Psychotherapy Association of Los Angeles (GPALA) - but it's also a recognition of the leadership he can contribute to the national level. Thank you for all your work. You've got my support - and I'm excited for the voice you will bring to AGPA!

Spotlight on:Stacy Nakell

Published a Journal Article


I'm so proud that my colleague and friend Stacy Nakell is a published author in the field of group therapy, covering a topic that has rarely if ever been addressed in the group literature. Here's the citation and a link to the article:

Nakell, Stacy (2015). A healing herd: Benefits of a psychodynamic group approach in treating body-focused repetitive Behaviors. International Journal of Group Psychotherapy 65 (II), 295-306.

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