About AGPS

The Austin Group Psychotherapy Society is an interdisciplinary organization of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and counselors who share a mutual commitment to continuing professional development and to excellence in the practice of group psychotherapy.

Over the past decade, the Austin Group Psychotherapy Society (AGPS) has gained national recognition for the quality of our training opportunities and the warmth and enthusiasm of our members.

AGPS trainings and social events are designed to mentor new professionals and students, expand the knowledge and clinical skills of all members, and enrich and rejuvenate established practitioners.

At the center of our training opportunities are our Annual Conferences facilitated by internationally recognized experts in the field of group theory and practice. Additional trainings by local professionals cover a broad range of topics.

In addition to these trainings, our popular Friday Night Conversation Series provides an opportunity for learning in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. This series of informal discussions of group-related topics is hosted by members in their homes and facilitates closer connections among AGPS members. Our annual party each year is also a great time to meet new people and visit with friends and colleagues.

Members of AGPS receive regular mailings of The Voice: The Newsletter of the Austin Group Psychotherapy Society. The Voice contains clinical articles, interviews with guest presenters, society information, and an extensive listing of psychotherapy groups led by our members.

As a society, we are committed to the promotion of group work as a powerful therapy for psychological change.

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AGPS Board of Directors

Dave Kaplowitz, LMFT, CGP

Deborah Sharp, LCSW, CGP

Mary Lynn Marinucci, LCSW

Scott Phillips, LMFT

Board Members-at-Large
John Cooper, MA, LPC, CCC/SLP
Sue Marriott, LCSW, CGP
Stacy Nakell, LCSW, CGP
Ryan Spencer, LMFT, CGP
Jason Sugg, MA, LPC
Gianna Viola, LCSW, CGP

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Diversity Statement

In furthering the mission of the American Group Psychotherapy Association and the stated purpose of this affiliate society’s commitment to group psychotherapy, the Austin Group Psychotherapy Society seeks to honor the fundamental value and dignity of all individuals. We pledge ourselves to creating and maintaining an environment that respects diverse backgrounds, heritages, identities, and experiences through a commitment to diversity in membership, programs, speakers, volunteer opportunities, leadership roles, and audiences, while promoting diverse participation in programs, policy formulation and decision-making.

We strive to:

  • Ensure that membership and programming is accessible to those of varying economic means through efforts such as scholarship programs, tiered membership, and admission free structures.
  • Use inclusive and accessible language in our programming marketing.
  • Focus on outreach to students at local universities and new professionals in local agencies in order to influence curriculum development and group programs and to build long-term relationships that facilitate group leadership and promote group as a treatment modality.
  • Promote understanding of the interests, issues and needs members and potential members of diverse gender and sexual identity, orientation and expression; different ages, ethnicities and religious and spiritual beliefs.
  • Encourage sensitivity to the interests, issues, and needs of members and potential members of theoretical orientations for group therapy.
  • Promote ongoing conversations about inclusiveness.
  • Recruit and select leaders, build a board and its committees, create community and invite speakers that represent inclusiveness on multiple levels.

Past Presidents

We are grateful for our rich history of outstanding leadership and would like to honor our past presidents for their service and commitment to AGPS. Thank you!

Tammy Brown
Roger Hall
Jev Sikes
David Cramer
Barbara Davis
Roll Fellows
Patricia Tollison

Patti Cox
Bob Murphy
Gaea Logan
Richard Holt
Michael Hegener
Jeff Hudson
Sue Marriott

Jeanne Bunker
DeLinda Spain
Katie Griffin
Pam Greenstone
Derek Leighton
Jay Erwin-Grotsky
Lisa Means

Our Mailing Address:
Austin Group Psychotherapy Society
P.O. Box 684434
Austin, TX 78768-4434