Reflections on the 2017 Annual Conference by Sarah Pollard and Gianna Viola

In 2017, AGPS moved away from our longstanding semi-annual one-day conference format and shifted to a two-day Annual Conference. We wanted to harness the pool of talent in our group therapy community to create a more ambitious training opportunity. Katie Griffin’s intrepid planning committee organized a stellar event that featured group therapy giant Molyn Leszcz and provided the participants unique opportunities to work with some of Austin’s expert group therapists in small process group sessions. It was a dynamic and stimulating two days, and attendees were eager to express their reactions to the experience. Here’s what a few of the attendees had to share:

“Conference leader Molyn Leszcz reported two important pieces of research. First, group treatment has been proven to be helpful, and second, the therapeutic relationship proves to be the “thing” in all treatment. As a small group leader, I learned a lot. I was privileged to observe in just three process sessions positive relationship shifts between and among group members, beautifully demonstrating perhaps “the why” of group efficacy – the immediacy of multiple therapeutic relationships.” –Patricia Tollison (small group leader)

“I couldn’t believe how much I learned about myself in just three hours of Molyn’s group. His skill was incredible, but the experience of being in group with other therapists was equally powerful as I observed an impressive, fast-paced display of others so skillfully putting words to their feelings in the moment. My AGPS conference experience was both professionally and personally life-changing.” –Cora Glazer (participant in Molyn’s demonstration group)

“The AGPS annual conference was professionally invigorating and profoundly moving, and I’m grateful to AGPS for providing me a scholarship to attend. It was a privilege to witness Molyn Leszcz in action and to witness the depth of the demonstration group’s vulnerability. My own small group experience was another highlight of the conference, reminding me once again of the remarkable power of groups.” –Carrie Torn


Many thanks to our 2017 Annual Conference Sponsors

Foundations Recovery Network

Patricia Florence
Jeff Hudson & Bob Blodgett
Katie Griffin & Joseph Acosta

Dave Kaplowitz

Sue Marriott
Stacy Nakell
Joanne Oleson
Deborah Sharp
Ryan Spencer
Gianna Viola

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