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Dear Readers,

In this issue you’ll hear from our president, Dave Kaplowitz, who will catch you up on all of this year’s dynamic programming so far, as well as what we have to look forward to in the coming months. He highlights our first annual 2-day conference with Dr. Molyn Leszcz, Developing and Sustaining Successful Group Leadership Practices .

As group therapists, we tend to talk more about process than about outcome measures. We may sometimes have a sense that our groups are helping our clients, as they find themselves in healthier relationships or seem happier over time. At other times, we may feel a nagging doubt about whether we even know what we are doing. We gain confidence in our work when we can outline the answers to two important questions: What are the key goals of group psychotherapy? And what are the leader characteristics that facilitate these goals?

Luckily for us at AGPS, Dr. Leszcz, a leader in the field of group psychotherapy, has studied these questions with with an eye to demonstrable measures of success. He plans to provide us all with an opportunity to learn and experience his ideas about the answers.

What are the key goals of group psychotherapy? And what are the leader characteristics that facilitate these goals?

I had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Leszcz for this issue’s feature interview, and I came away from the experience looking forward to spending more time with him in the Fall. We are very honored to have him as our first annual 2-day conference presenter, and hope that many of you will join us in October.

Amelia Canally’s interview with the members of the Conference Committee sheds light on the history of the shift to an annual 2-day format and to the blend of didactic and experiential elements woven into this training. She also introduces us to the local group therapists who will be serving as small group leaders throughout the two days.

Our featured writers, Michelle Bohls and Morgan Taylor, reflect on the idea of success, both in their group work and in their private practices. Michelle walks us through her evolution as an entrepreneur, sharing some of her business savvy along the way. Morgan explores how psycho-educational groups have been foundational to her moving through common barriers to beginning a private practice. I imagine that elements of these two journeys will resonate for many of you.

And, back by popular demand, our Voice of Experience column! Our questioner seeks support in working with a difficult group member in an inpatient setting, and Patricia Florence, Allen Lambert and Charlotte Howard offer their perspectives.

We are currently accepting submissions for The Voice for 2018. The submission process can begin either with an idea or with a written piece, so please contact me at stacy.nakell@gmail.com if you have an idea for an article or essay whether or not you’ve  put pen to paper!

Stacy Nakell, LCSW


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